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Moon Myerson


To me, photography is a bit like composing a poem. I'm looking at things—things that are sometimes ordinary—and trying to see the details that make that object, in that particular moment, special. When away from my camera, I am a writer and psychotherapist. In both of those disciplines, anything can be anything. In one story, the color gold could stand in for warmth, comfort, and knowledge. In the next, it could be greed, desire, and falsehood. Similarly, in therapy, in one session the metaphor of traveling through a forest might mean relaxation and a profound sense of being held. In the next, the forest has become a place of unexpected twists and turns, where dark things move unseen just out of sight.

In photography, the object can just be what it is, and the resulting photograph can just be what it is too. Yet it will mean something different to each viewer.​​​​​​​ In these photographs, I have tried to find the intimate details amid the scope and grandeur of these landscapes.

Moon Myerson has a BA in writing and literature and a minor in visual arts. He also holds an MA in counseling psychology and is a licensed psychotherapist.